Tracking Systems  

Picture tracking offers a stylish & elegant alternative to the more traditional methods of hanging artwork.  It can be used in galleries, shops, offices or at home.  

Tracking allows you to easily re-arrange your artwork without leaving unsightly holes, which need to be patched up.  

Other reasons you may choose to install tracking include:  

•You own an investment property and don’t want tenants drilling holes in the walls.  

•Your walls are wallpapered and you don’t want holes in the wallpaper.  

•Your walls are plasterboard and you want to hang heavy pieces on the wall without having to use large fixings.  

•You want to live with a composition for a while before deciding the final placement.  

•You just don’t like the idea of having holes in your newly rendered walls.  

Track comes in off-white, brushed metal or primed ready for painting  

The track is wall mounted and is fixed underneath the cornice or butted up to the ceiling.  Track is attached with plastic grommets which are drilled in the wall every 500mm and are hidden from view.  

I will provide advice and information to help you to choose the most appropriate track and hangers for your situation.

Please contact me for an obligation free quote.


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